News: Legalization possible for 120,000 homes

News: Legalization possible for 120,000 homes
11 Mar 2019

The state of Valencia has adopted a legislative amendment that makes it possible to legalize illegal housing.

This adjustment is possible for homes that have been built before 2014 and on which the court has not already done the point that they have to be demolished. Owners of these ilegal houses get a year to go to the authorities and to lower their situation.

In the entire province of Alicante there are 120,000 homes that are still ilegaal - and therefore often unable to connect to electricity or water pipes - but which could be legalized according to this new rule.

In the whole Comunidad Valenciana it is even 350,000 homes. The college of architects, however, says that the period of a year that is given is far too short to solve the complicated cases.

The case of a single house built on land that is listed as unbuildable, can be solved, but more difficult is a large urbanization that was built during the construction boom and where the project developer left the business unfinished.

In these cases it concerns dozens of duped owners and the legalization of these projects takes a lot of time.

Moreover, each municipality has a different method to solve the problems and the final judgment lies with the Valencian authorities.



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