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Nelemans Real Estate is characterized by its outstanding service and for creating the best possible customer experience. Therefore, our service does not stop after you have purchased your property. Our specialists can support you with various subjects. Below you find an overview of all topics in which Nelemans Real Estate can support you.

Request of NIE number

You're required to request a so called NIE number when you live in Spain. This number is an adjustment to your passport. The NIE number is mandatory. Whenever you want to buy a house, close an insurance policy or a mortgage you need your NIE number. Our advisors can support you with this request.

Open a Spanish bank account

There are a lot of different form of bank accounts in Spain, all of them with a different purpose. There are, for example, specific accounts for payment of your mortgage or accounts on which you can receive your salary. In addition, there are different conditions for residents than for non-residents. Therefore, it's very important to know which possibilities you have and under which conditions you can close these accounts when you decide to open a Spanish bank account. Your Nelemans Real Estate advisor can provide you the necessary information and can give you a good advice.


Of course there is a possibility that you will be exposed to, for example, fire or theft. You can close an insurance policy for these calamities. Which insurance suits you best, depends on whether you have bought your property or you're renting your property. Moreover, different terms and conditions can be applicable, depending on the type of your property. Of course, the terms and conditions can be adapted to your specific needs. We can support you in choosing the right insurance.

Energy performance certificate

If you want to sell or rent your Spanish property, you're obliged to hand over a valid energy performance certificate (EPC) to your buyer/tenant. The energy performance certificate provides the buyer information regarding energy consumption of the property. It also gives information about specific characteristics. For example, heating, isolation and water. The Spanish notary will not transfer the title of deeds without a valid EPC. The certificate is valid up to 10 years after the issue date.

Installation of airconditioning

It can be really hot at the Costa Blanca in summertime. Therefore, it may be necessary to install airconditioning. We can also support you with the installation of an airconditioning.

Installation of internet-, television and telephone connection

Do you need support with the installation of internet-, television and telephone connection? Nelemans Real Estate cooperates with specialized partners who make sure you will be reachable and have acces to the internet and television.