Buying Process Buying Process

Buying Process

Nelemans Real Estate is your reliable partner and will provide you the right information and advice: from the search for and the selection of potential properties, to setting up the contract of sale and preparing a quick and safe transfer of the title of deeds at the local notary office. Nelemans Real Estate supports you during the complete process so you can comfortably enjoy your new home as soon as possible. Therefore, subscribe for a Nelemans membership via My Nelemans After verification of your personal details you can plan your first appointment.

The buying process starts with your decision to make use of the services of Nelemans Real Estate. We guarantee professional estate agents with a good knowledge of the local market. With this knowledge, it's our mission to find a property that fully meets your expectations. Are you already interested in a property which is offered by Nelemans Real Estate? No problem. Based on detailed information, we will investigate if the property matches your criteria and we will give you a proper advice.

When you're interested in one or more properties offered by us we will schedule property viewings. The process continues when you've found the property of your dreams. This process includes, among others, setting up the provisional contract of sale. Partly by signing this contract, you intend to purchase the property. At this point, the vendor is no longer allowed to negotiate with other potential buyers.

After the provisional contract of sale has been signed, we take care of administrative and financial matters. This mainly consists of collecting documents which are needed for transfer of the title of deeds at the notary office. This process normally takes several weeks. We will make sure you will have a detailed understanding of all relevant topics the notary includes in the title of deeds when the transfer takes place.

Finally, under conditions, Nelemans Real Estate can reimburse a part of the costs you have incurred for viewing the property when you have purchased the property with us.

8 Steps to Buying a House in Spain

  • Step 1. Determine budget
  • Step 2. The search can begin
  • Step 3. Viewing trip
  • Step 4. Make an offer
  • Step 5. Enable a lawyer
  • Step 6. Once again sold!
  • Step 7. The (provisional) purchase contract
  • Step 8. The key handover