Nelemans Real Estate is happy to support you selling your property.

We provide a professional advice with respect to the selling price and conditions. Price and conditions will be determined based on the characteristics of your property. Of course we take similar properties into account when determining the selling price.

When we have agreed with you on which conditions you want to sell your property, we will ensure that your property is presented in a professional manner. Partly because of this you can expect that the house will be sold within a reasonable period.

Furthermore, you will be informed monthly about the number of website visits, requests and viewing of your properties, adjustments in the sales strategy you can easily communicate through this monthly report.

If you are interested in our services regarding the sale of your Spanish home, please complete the registration form.

With your unique and personal 'My Nelemans' account we can provide you with the best possible service and ensure a successful sale of your property in a simple and transparent way.