Are you looking for a real estate agent in Spain? Make the right choice!

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Spain? Make the right choice!
16 Apr 2021

Do you dream of buying a house in Spain and are you looking for a real estate agent? Then it is important that you let yourself be guided by a good, reliable broker. Because a real estate agent is a liberal profession in Spain, you have to be extra alert when choosing the office you work with.

Anyone can become a real estate agent in Spain

Unlike in the Netherlands, anyone can in principle become a real estate agent in Spain from one day to the next, without a diploma. In addition, the brokerage in Spain is not exclusive, which means that different estate agents can offer the same house for sale. Because real estate is a liberal profession, it is difficult to distinguish good real estate agents in Spain from less good ones.

Many of these so-called brokers also do other work, for example handyman or manager. Some even have another job in the Netherlands. Because they do not stay in the region all year round, they have insufficient or no experience with and knowledge of the local real estate market. The result is that they offer substandard service and not the quality that you as a buyer of a second home are looking for.

Tips for finding a real estate agent in Spain

Some real estate agents have less good or downright bad intentions and sell Spanish houses that are not even for sale. It is important that you are vigilant when choosing a broker so as not to fall prey to those with bad intentions. A few tips:

Look up the broker online. Often 'bad' brokers only have a car and a mobile phone. If they have a website, check it for an office address and visit it. If there is no address on the website, this is a sign on the wall that it is an unreliable broker.

References are a point of attention. The lack of references on the website is usually not a good sign. Be alert if references are mentioned. After all, anyone can ask friends to write something positive as a so-called 'satisfied customer' - or do it themselves. Therefore, ask the broker if you can contact some of these customers. If he / she does not agree, an alarm should ring.

The role of a lawyer. A lot of documents, contracts and procedures are involved when purchasing a second home in Spain. It is wise to be guided by a lawyer who specializes in real estate transactions. Unlike a real estate agent, a lawyer in Spain is not a liberal profession. A lawyer is well aware of all laws and regulations and can screen the documents of the real estate agent. He / she can explain exactly what you are signing. Don't be fooled if the real estate agency employs its own lawyer. Hiring a lawyer for the purchase of your second home costs some money, but it may save you a lot of trouble and misery afterwards. Don't save on this.

Take your time. Do not act too quickly if you start itching to buy your own home during a holiday in Spain. Once you are back in the Netherlands, take enough time to think about exactly what you want. Visit exchanges, view websites of different brokers and contact them. If you feel a good click with a broker, plan a well-organized introductory trip. This gives you a clear idea of what you can buy with what budget in a certain region in Spain.

We at Nelemans are happy to assist you and see you at our sales office in Rojales!

credit: Second Home