News: Living in InTempo Benidorm can cost 200,000 to 1 million euros

News: Living in InTempo Benidorm can cost 200,000 to 1 million euros
8 May 2019

Although it is not yet known what the final sale prices will be of the 256 luxury apartments, the houses in the most famous skyscraper of Benidorm InTempo will probably cost between 200,000 and 1 million euros.

The apartments will soon be sold after a delay of 12 years and many obstacles.

InTempo is almost 200 meters high and has 47 floors in which 256 luxury apartments have been built. InTempo is the second highest skyscraper where people live in Europe and in Benidorm and the surrounding area, the building is a striking building because of the two towers and the golden diamond at the top.

Exactly in the highest part of the InTempo towers will be the most expensive apartments that the investment fund Strategic Value Partners (SVPGlobal) will sell. The prices are not yet known but there is talk of one million or more for the most expensive homes.

InTempo is rightfully a striking building because of the gold-colored panels on the outside and the gold-colored diamond shape in the highest part of the two towers. On the outside it is not visible but behind the golden panels and windows there are apartments with one to four bedrooms with a modern art deco interior.

On the first floor there are apartments between 70 and 80 m2 with a bedroom. Between the 2nd and 37th floors there are apartments between 74 and 95 m2 with two bedrooms, while from floor 38 the apartments have three or four bedrooms and are 120 to 230 m2 in size.

From the 22nd floor the prices of the apartments will rise while on floors 46 and 47 there will be communal zones with a gym, jacuzzi, swimming pool and chill out zones.



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