News: The Paradores have more than one million "amigos"


The Paradores de Turismo managed to win over one million "amigos" in the "Club de Amigos de Paradores" plan in 23 years. In 1996 they started this special discount plan where the friends of the Paradores can get free breakfast on a first visit, welcome drinks, free nights or nights with...

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News: Anglicization of the Spanish language: ok or not ok?


Just as in other countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, one also has to deal with an angulation in Spain. This means that more and more English words are being used in Spanish. That can happen because a Spanish word does not exist for something that does exist in English or because it...

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News: Curious traditions during the Semana Santa week in Spain


The Semana Santa or Holy Week is the week before Easter and is accompanied by a lot of tradition, costume, emotions, processions and typical gastronomy and other traditions. But there are some traditions that may not be known to most readers and / or that are so exceptional that some text and...

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News: When does the Semana Santa start in Spain


The Semana Santa is the name used in Spain for Holy Week, the week before Easter, which is elaborately designed there. In some other Catholic countries this week many religious images are covered with purple cloths, the bells remain silent and the organ remains untouched. In Spain,...

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News: The benefits of buying new-build properties in Spain


When you are looking for a property in Spain it is important to consider exactly what you are looking for. The advantages and disadvantages of the various options are of course very important here. One of the important choices that will have to be made is whether you are looking for an...

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