News: How much alcohol can you drive in Spain? The police give an explanation!


The holidays are back on the doorstep and there are many company parties and dinners, family gatherings and parties and many more activities where people come together to talk, dance, party, eat and drink. Exactly the latter is still a big problem when one has to crawl behind the wheel and one...

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News: Dutch "low cost" cheese threatens Spanish cheese production


Almost half of all cheese that is eaten in Spain comes from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The low prices of this foreign cheese ensure that the Spanish producers can no longer compete and the imported cheese has been labeled as "low cost". The imported cheese from...

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News: AP-1 motorway is now toll-free in Spain


The AP-1 motorway between Burgos and Armiñón has become toll-free at midnight December 1, 2018 and all car traffic can now make free use of the Autopista del Norte. If it is up to the Ministry of Development, then the AP-1 will be the first motorway in Spain that will become toll-free in the...

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News: Skyscrapers Benidorm must be demolished from the court


The Spanish Supreme Court has decided that the two skyscrapers (rascacielos) built at the Punta Llisera in Benidorm have to be demolished. It concerns two flats with 22 floors each and 168 apartments. In July 2012, the building permits were already withdrawn by the court in Valencia, after...

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News: What do the Dutch and Belgians think of Spain


The Spanish independent research agency Real Instituto Elcano has published the report of the Barometer on the Image of Spain. This report contains the research data from the survey conducted among 3,790 Europeans, including 600 Belgians and 401 Dutch citizens. In the Barometer about the...

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